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STEP is a computer-controlled system for presentation and subjective evaluation of speech and audio signals that can run on any Windows PC. It was developed by a group of former Bell Laboratory acoustics and signal processing engineers. It is typically used in conjunction with an acoustically controlled listening environment, in which signals are presented via headphones or loudspeakers. The PC on which STEP is run must provide a video screen (e.g. LCD) for the listener to view the STEP control panel, a mouse for the listener to interact with the panel and an audio output card or device to interface to headphones or loudspeaker. Click here to go to the ARL STEP web page.


Strategies for Standardization

Dr. Schuyler Quackenbush has extensive experience working in standardization bodies such as ISO/IEC SC29 WG11 (MPEG), 3GPP SA4, SMPTE and SCTE). He can advise clients on how to develop strategies for bringing their technology to standards bodies. This can include developing a strategy for a standardization effort and reviewing documents to be submitted.

Subjective Quality Evaluation

ARL has more than 20 years of experience in conducting subjective listening tests for evaluating the performance of speech and audio coding or processing technologies. We can administer evaluations using BS.1116MUSHRAComparative, or MOS test methodologies on mono, stereo or 5.1 channel speech or audio content. Presentation can be via either headphones or loudspeakers.